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Makers, designers, creators, entrepreneurs: I have nothing but hope and respect for you. I have stood where you stand and know what it’s like to weave your way through a messy, unintuitive, perplexing world. Becoming a creative entrepreneur is one of the most courageous things you can do.

At a time when your start-up budget is small to non-existent, you may be left feeling you have no choice but to skip the expensive expertise that could propel you on your way. With-out guidance you find yourself going in circles, making the same mistakes every new, crea-tive business makes, blocked from breaking through to realize your vision. You may question your very dream.

With this in mind I am here to give you a helping hand. Drawing on my graphic design and brand guardian background I have crafted a selection of free and affordable resources to get you on your way.

Design DiariesA Journal for Creative Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Meet the Egyptian Designers Using Design To Create A Better Quality Of Life

Dealing with plastic waste has become a matter of global urgency as the world can no longer afford to ignore the harm the material is having on our world and on our lives. In Egypt, Reform an award-winning product design studio is pioneering the use of discarded plastic bags and upcycling them into sustainable fabrics for interior and lifestyle products. I caught up with the founders to chat about using design to create a better quality of life.

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Mental Health – Depression and the Creative Industries

Research points to a higher incidence of depression in the creative industries. As a creative entrepreneur it is important to look after your well-being. I was watching a segment on CNN where Christiane Amanpour was interviewing Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber about his distinguished career in musical theatre. In it Sir Lloyd referred to his struggle with depression, making the statement that every creative gets depression at some point or other. This made me pause. I have heard it said that those in the creative industries are three times more likely to get depressed* (*stats relate to the UK). So why […]

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Why You Need To Carry Out A Brand Audit

Have you checked the health of your brand lately? In my post What Exactly is a Brand? I explained that a brand is a vehicle that connects your business, product, service or even yourself to your audience. A brand is made up of many things including your logo, the messages you send out, the design of your products, and the experience of your service. A brand, therefore, has great value to your business. It is easy to create a brand, but it needs to be nurtured to make sure it stays relevant in the mind of your existing audience, whilst […]

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As a designer you know that some days things come easy; some days work is hard. You are always welcome here to find inspiration and insight into the experience of being a creative entrepreneur.

You are never alone!