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Makers, designers, creators, entrepreneurs: I have nothing but hope and respect for you. I have stood where you stand and know what it’s like to weave your way through a messy, unintuitive, perplexing world. Becoming a creative entrepreneur is one of the most courageous things you can do.

At a time when your start-up budget is small to non-existent, you may be left feeling you have no choice but to skip the expensive expertise that could propel you on your way. With-out guidance you find yourself going in circles, making the same mistakes every new, crea-tive business makes, blocked from breaking through to realize your vision. You may question your very dream.

With this in mind I am here to give you a helping hand. Drawing on my graphic design and brand guardian background I have crafted a selection of free and affordable resources to get you on your way.

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Five Reasons Why People Are Not Buying Your Product And How To Fix This

Paying customers are the lifeline of any business without them you’re simply running a hobby. Every entrepreneur dreams of creating a successful and profitable business, but for many getting those first customers through the door or to click the buy button can be challenging. People buy what they know, like and trust. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Accept that not everyone is going to buy your product because it could be that it’s the wrong colour, too big, too small and so forth for what they need. The problem though is when nothing at all is happening on the […]

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Designer and Architect Tosin Oshinowo Talks Building Creative Businesses

Bold, vibrant striped fabrics covering minimalist furniture designs announced the arrival of Ilé Ilà onto the contemporary African design scene. Handmade in Lagos, Nigeria the furniture designs echo the architectural designs of the company’s founder Tosin Oshinowo, who also runs her own practice, CM Design Atelier. Tosin chats with me about the inspirations behind her work, building two creative businesses and the lessons she’s learned.

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How To Get Your First Piece Of Press Coverage

Getting your very first piece of press coverage for your product, service or business is a very exciting moment in your business journey. I still remember my first of press. It marked a pivotal moment in how I saw and felt about my business and my potential. Someone believed in me enough to share my story. But it took me a while to gather up the courage to reach out to press outlets, so I know how daunting the process of getting your first piece of press coverage can be.

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As a designer you know that some days things come easy; some days work is hard. You are always welcome here to find inspiration and insight into the experience of being a creative entrepreneur.

You are never alone!