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Why It is Important to Set Goals

Most of us have the big goals in life, the things we want to achieve in the next few months, the next couple of years, the next five and so forth. The same applies when it comes to setting up and running your business.

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Why It is Important to Face Your Fears As Creative Entrepreneur

It is said that fear often precedes great or amazing moments. The trouble is many people never get past their fears to experience them. Fears like being afraid of failure can stop us from bringing our ideas to fruition, as the discouraging ‘what ifs’ of doubt take over the mind. I am currently working on an idea that I have to admit does scare me when I think of its potential and the responsibilities both personally and professionally that making it a reality will bring, and so I do find myself having to fight the excuses to quit whilst I […]

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Getting Together with Fellow Creative Entrepreneurs

Some months ago I spent an inspirational evening in the company of some of the creative entrepreneurs featured in my book, Contemporary Design Africa. Creative conversation was the main theme with the discussions flowing around comparing and sharing the experiences of running a creative business. Running a business, especially if working alone or as a side hustle is hard work, and in the early days especially when you have little or no experience, is a process that sees you finding your way on a steep learning curve, making and learning from the mistakes that inevitably occur along the way. An experience I […]

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