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Does Following Your Passion Automatically Lead To Success?

I read this quote the other day “Follow your passion and success will follow”. Not the first I have seen or heard this shared or uttered by various people to motivate their audiences. And whilst in theory its all well and good, I know from personal experience that following your passion can be ridiculously hard, and success elusive. And it is the messy, meandering, hard bit that is missing in between that statement. 

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Why It Is Important To Invest In Yourself And Your Business

As a start-up creative entrepreneur on a budget investing in myself and my business was something that seemed out of reach. I just didn’t have the money to do it. Or rather that is what I told myself, as I wasted my precious pounds on things that were never going to bring me a return. What changed for me was a shift in mindset. I always saw investing as meaning working with a coach or taking some fancy course, forgetting that by reading a business book or attending an event I was in fact investing myself and my business. And […]

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