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How Much Do Bloggers/Platform Owners Charge On Average Per Post?

There comes a time when you have been blogging for a while that thoughts turn to making some money from your efforts. You’ve seen and heard of other bloggers and platform owners doing it so why can’t you? People turn to monetising their blogs and platforms for different reasons including earning a bit of extra income each month to supplement the one from the day job, whilst others dream of turning their platforms into their full-time job and being paid to do what they love. 

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Tips For Creating A Winning Book Proposal And Submitting To Publishers

Whenever I mention I have written and published a book, some of the questions that tend to follow include ‘I want to write a book, how do go about’, and how do I get my book published?’. It is said that everyone has a book within them, and for first-timers taking your book proposal from idea to published can be a daunting challenge, the prospect of which prevents many from doing so.

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A Brief Guide to Book Fairs and Literary Festivals for Authors

As an author who has both traditionally published, and self-published some of my books, as well as publishing books by other creatives I make an effort to attend various book publishing industry events to keep up to date with the latest trends and news. One thing I have noticed is that when it comes to Book Fairs and Literary Festivals the definitions and purpose of each can be confusing especially for first-time authors. So I thought I would spend a few minutes defining the terms for you.

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