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Using The Seasonal Slower Pace To Relax, Recharge And Reflect

As a creative entrepreneur, you may ask yourself if there is ever a good time to stop what you are doing for a minute and take stock? In Europe August is dubbed the silly season, high summer, families on holiday, and depending on the industry you are in a lot of businesses see this as the time to wind down, take things slow for a few weeks and in some cases even shut up shop as said to be the case in parts of Southern Europe! This is a time to relax and mentally recharge before things pick up again […]

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Starting And Managing A Side Business While Working The Day Job

Trying to start and run a business whilst working a 9-5 is hard. More so if you are not quite sure about what exactly it is you want to do and therefore need the time to explore your options. I started out as a full-time graphic designer and then transitioned to a freelancer still working full-time through agencies, to now working from home on my businesses and projects and consulting for select clients. The journey to this point has not been easy and I can fully empathise with those of you trying to work the 5-9 entrepreneurial journey after a long […]

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Make Space For The Things That Matter To You

In today’s life we seem to be busier than ever, with endless to do lists that never quite seem to get done. There is always something else to do. And in our busyness the things that matter to us can get pushed aside, to the back of the queue. This applies to both work and personal life. As an entrepreneur, running your own business often means spending more time on management than working on the fun stuff, and this a key reason why so many entrepreneurs abandon their plans; as the reality does not match up to the daydream. But with […]

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