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Make Money Doing What You Love Clarity Call, is my dedicated one-to-one service for creative entrepreneurs who want to turn their passion into a successful and profitable business.

Starting a business to make money doing what you love has been a dream of yours. But having taken the steps to make it happen, perhaps things aren’t working out as you hoped they would. You see others making money doing what they love, and wonder what do they know that you don’t? Why is it that you can’t seem to do the same? Or perhaps you’re thinking of starting a creative business around your passion, but are hesitant to take the first steps.

Whichever reason one thing is for certain, you are feeling frustrated and uncertain over what you need to do to get started or to get on the right track. And would welcome the opportunity to talk things through with someone who has been in your shoes, and understands what you are going through to help you tackle the thoughts you have whirling around in your head, bringing them into focus so that you can deal with each one properly. 

Whether you have started, or are thinking about, starting or running a business, a blog, creating products or even looking to write a book, we all face challenges on our entrepreneurial journey, and sometimes you just need to discuss with others to help clarify things. This is especially true if you work alone.

But you are not alone! I am here as your sounding board and would love to help you sort through your thoughts, going through your ideas and putting a plan together to help you get out of the rut and move forward with confidence.

Because sometimes all you need is a gentle nudge to get you moving in the right direction.

This is right for you if you:

  • Want to turn your dreams into solid plans
  • Want to turn your creative talents into a business, but feel afraid to take the leap
  • Want to start a business in the high-end design, or luxury lifestyle sectors
  • Feel frustrated that your business is not moving forward
  • Are faced with too many business ideas and not sure which one to pick
  • Are not quite ready to invest in longer term coaching support
  • Feel overwhelmed with all the online advice coming at you, and just need someone to talk things through 

What you will come away with:

  • Clarity about what you want to do, and why
  • Actionable steps to help you move forward

How we will work together:

  • You will complete a pre-call question and prep form
  • On a Skype/Zoom call we talk through the issue you are facing and together will create a plan of action

Your commitment

60 mins of your time for an online call.
Be ready to dig deep, and open your mind to new ideas.

Your investment

US$375 for a 60 minute session

So if you are serious about turning your creativity into a business can you really afford not to gain clarity on your options?

Please note: Delivering quality over quantity is very important to me, so to ensure I can give you my full care and attention I only work with a small number of selected clients

Don’t keep your dream waiting, book your call today

“…when you’re paid to do what you love, not only does that build self-esteem, but also it creates the probability of being able to have a sustainable life with your chosen career.” – Amanda de Cadenet, founder Girl Gaze